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Beauty comes from nature!


IVA NATURA products with Organic Cosmetic Certificates are produced with the essences extracted from plants picked from the natural geography of Anatolia and their validity is certified by Cosmos Etko, an international organic product certification company.

IVA NATURA is coming from Anatolia’s magnificent nature. It is prepared by herbal essences and oils from the special plants which are nourished with purest water from mountain springs. The majority of the plants are grown at high altitudes; they grow in the fresh, oxygen-rich atmosphere.




We use these special herbal components to create a beauty product that comes from the nature by utilizing the energy of Anatolia and rich features of plants. While IVA NATURA provides wellness and beauty, it protects from the corrosive conditions of the city.

Modern technology is used with all production stages strictly controlled and observed. Artificial substances are not used for protecting the natural characteristics of herbal products. The plants are grown and harvested, and then the extract of the herbs are obtained and guaranteed by international certification accreditors, while their inspections are carried out on premises.

They are produced with a strict control and monitoring in the Laber Organic Cosmetics facilities that carries out the organic cosmetic production certification. In this way, these plants maintain their natural properties at the maximum level.



IVA NATURA is certified for organic cosmetics and verified by the highest international standards.

IVA NATURA, makes production according to GMP & ISO-22716 standards.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the protective measures, is prepared to provide reliable conditions and systems for producing goods that directly affects human health such as food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and it prevents the possibility of contamination in every process of the production and improves the reliability.


Etko Cosmos Organic Sertification.

ETKO provides the offical standarts for the cosmetics made with organic ingredients. It proves that the products are made from significant quantities of natural and organic ingredients according to eco-friendly procedures. It supports the cosmetic manufacturer that cares about the quality of the natural ingredients and respects the environment. It approves the expertise of cosmetic manufacturerst throughout the production process.

IVA NATURA has CPNP record of European Union Cosmetics Regulations

A cosmetic product has to be recorded electronically before introduction to the market about product name and identification, product category, product information sheet, descriptions of the product materials, the countries that the product will be marketed and the person to be contacted when information is needed.

What are Organic Cosmetics?


How to Tell Whether a Cosmetic Product is Organic or not?

Organic cosmetic products are personal care products that provide health and beauty while respecting the nature. The organic cosmetic movement contributes to the use of natural resources in the healthiest way, to preserve and protect the ecosystems, and to respect the balance of nature. All stages from raising and harvesting to the certified-processing of herbals and becoming cosmetic products, are closely monitored by international certification authorities. All herbs, oils, extracts, minerals and other organic products that are used in these real organic products have the Etko Cosmos Organic logo and serial number verifying the rigorous inspection process.

Why Organic

Cosmetic Products?

“Organic Cosmetic Products” does not refer just to products in which botanical essences are used. “Organic Cosmetic Products” consist of components which are grown according to organic agriculture principles, are extracted based on such principles and whose entire process is validated by external certification. In “Organic Cosmetic Products,” non-agricultural components are subject to limits and special conditions.  A component which is not verified to have met such conditions cannot be contained in an organic cosmetic product.


Additionally, in order to identify a product as an “Organic Cosmetic Product”, not only the components but also the place where the product is manufactured, the team carrying out the production and the quality standards applied in the production facility are required to have adequate qualifications and they must be documentable. If a product is validated by an internationally accepted controlling and certification authority for meeting these criteria, it becomes certified.



If a product which is identified as “Organic Cosmetic Product” holds this certificate, it is a product which has a validation certificate and can be accepted worldwide. It must be validated that an “Organic Cosmetic Product” does not contain following components: Aluminium, Artificial colours, DEA, MEA, TEA, Dibutyl phthalate, Formaldehydes, Synthetic aromas, Isopropyl alcohol, Keratolytic chemicals, Methylisothiazolinone, Parabens, Paraffin, Propylene glycol, Sodium laureth sulphate, Toluene. It is necessary that a healthy cosmetic product is free of artificial chemical additives.



If a product is alleged to be organic, it is important to be careful; many such products may contain small amounts of botanical essences; however a large part of the product could be petroleum-based and full of artificial fragrances. Instead, you should consider using completely organic products.


IVA NATURA adopted the mission of providing a sustainable life, manufactures nature and environment friendly products. In order to ensure the continuity of organic agriculture, it establishes communities dealing with organic agriculture. Sustainable life is very important to offer the next generations a better life. We can protect our future with IVA NATURA.

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